Session List - SPx

Wednesday 25th May, 2022

SP1_OL: Signal, Image, and Video Processing (Online Room#2)
1570792392 Seven Segment Display Detection and Recognition via Deep Learning Technique
1570794081 Classification of Desk Workers' Behaviors for a Service Robot
1570794114 A New Bluetooth Wireless Speech Microphone from The Outer Ears
1570795875 Deep Generative Model-based RSSI Synthesis for Indoor Localization
1570796883 Intelligent Fuzzy Network for Dynamic Sign Words Recognition from Spatial Features
SP2_OL: Global Monitoring (Online Room#2)
1570793958 Correlation Study of Global Weather Conditions and COVID-19 Transmission: A Clustering Approach
1570794192 Ionospheric F2-layer peak height (hmF2) observations and predictions over Chiang Mai, Thailand
1570794083 Landslide Semantic Segmentation Using Satellite Imagery
1570794180 Identification of Extragalactic Globular Clusters Using Machine Learning Techniques
1570795725 Sharpening the Sentinel-2A Infrared Bands via Image Residual Optimization
SP3_OL: Biomedical Signal Processing (Online Room#2)
1570794060 Early risk prediction of cervical cancer: A machine learning approach
1570794116 A Framework for Generating an ICGA from a Fundus Image using GAN
1570794135 Stress Classification During Dental Procedure
1570795477 Automatic Facial Asymmetry Analysis for Elderly Stroke Detection by using Cosine Similarity
1570798868 Surgical Instrument Detection for Laparoscopy Surgery using Deep Learning
SP4_OL: Detection, Classification, and Recognition (Online Room#2)
1570794126 Fall Detection for The Elderly using YOLOv4 and LSTM
1570794412 Comparative Study on Fall Detection using Machine Learning Approaches
1570794141 Define Stance and Swing pattern of gait cycle using motion sensor and K-Mean Clustering
1570794371 Effect of Spatial Dropout on Mosquito Classification using VGGNet
1570794048 Object Recognition Using Multi-Input Sensor with Convolutional Neural Network

Thursday 26th May, 2022

SP5_OL: Agri-Tech--Digital Technology for Modern Agriculture I (Online Room#2)
1570794164 Spherical-Based Three Dimensional Cassava Root Skeleton Extraction
1570794039 Grape Leaf Disease Diagnosis using Convolutional Neural Network and Support Vector Machines
1570793950 EfficientNet based Convolutional Neural Network for Visual Plant Disease Detection
1570794372 Data Filtering Method based on LSTM for Non-Water-Stressed Baseline Estimation in Real-time Crop Water Stress Monitoring
1570795057 K-means and Morphological Approach on Image Segmentation for Fish Detection based-on Color Image and Grayscale
SP/EM_OS: Signal Processing, Electromagnetic, & Antenna (Onsite Rama4 Room)
1570791613 Automatic Diagnosis Model for Risk Factors of Symptomatic Venous Thromboembolism based on Machine Learning
1570793872 Power Transfer Function based Feedback Cancellation using Convex Combination of Adaptive Filters
1570794171 Automatic Segmentation of Swelling Optic Disc using Factorized Gradient Vector Flow
1570795258 Study of Electromagnetic Absorber from Natural Rubber with Bamboo Charcoal
1570793419 Dualband Cross Bowtie Dipole for 5G Base Station Antenna
SP6_OS: Agri-Tech--Digital Technology for Modern Agriculture II (Onsite Rama5 Room)
1570786437 Application of Machine Learning in Daily Reservoir Inflow Prediction of the Bhumibol Dam, Thailand
1570793369 Vegetation Health Monitoring System for Smart Farm using NDVI Analysis
1570794096 Determination Lactone Composition in Andrographis paniculata(burm.f.) Wall. ex Nees using hyperspectral imaging
1570794127 On the Use of Class Activation Map on Rice Blast Disease Identification and Localization
1570795240 A Unhealthy Plant Identification System Using a Generative Adversarial Network
1570793798 Elliptic Curve Cryptography based Security on MQTT System for Smart Home Application

Friday 27th May, 2022