Session List - PWx

Wednesday 25th May, 2022

PW1_OL: Artificial Intelligence for Power Systems (Online Room#1)
1570792355 Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring using Multi-Layer Perceptron for Appliances Classification
1570794102 State of Health Estimation of LFP Batteries Using DC Internal Resistance and Neural Network
1570794193 Phase Balancing Improvement in Unbalanced MV Distribution Systems
1570794205 Optimal Network Reconfiguration with DGs Placement and Sizing in a Distribution System Using Hybrid SOE and GA
1570794888 Multi-Objective Optimization with Two-Stage Design Approach of IPM Motors for Compressor Applications
PW2_OL: Electric Vehicle (Online Room#1)
1570792818 Optimal Size of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Distribution System with Consideration of Bus Voltage and Line Capacity Limits
1570793771 Estimation of Battery State-of-Charge using Feedforward Neural Networks
1570794103 Safty Function Designs in Mode 3 EVSE
1570794142 Transformer Load Monitoring and EV Charging Control Function
1570794889 EV Conversion Performance Analysis and Sizing of Traction Motor and Battery from Driving Cycles
PW3_OL: Power Electronics I (Online Room#1)
1570794087 Implementation of Harmonic Compensation for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Voltage Source Converter Under Grid Voltage Distortion
1570794015 Effect of the parasitic resistances on the voltage gain in a dc-dc modular system
1570794157 Performance of Single-Phase Vienna Rectifier in an Induction Heating Application
1570794276 Ripple capacitor's voltage analysis on two-input three-level boost converter
1570795210 Design and Construction Circuit Drive System of Induction Lamp Without Power Connector
PW4_OL: Smart Grids (Online Room#1)
1570789383 A High-Performance Grid-Tied Three-Level T-Type Converter for Off-Board Battery Chargers Under AC-Side Voltage Distortions and Unbalances
1570794050 An Analysis of Potentials and Economic Benefits of Distributed Generations as Reactive Power Providers in Thailand
1570795225 An Analysis of Base Electricity Tariff Reflecting Wheeling Charge in Thailand
1570793474 Optimal Sizing of Hybrid Energy Sources for an Islanded System using Arbitrariness Grey Wolf Algorithm
1570794170 Implementation of Half-Bridge Class D Voltage-Source Inverter for Domestic Medical Applications

Thursday 26th May, 2022

PW5_OS: Power Electronics II (Onsite Rama5 Room)
1570786516 Universal Non-Inverting PWM Converter with Circuit Simplification Approach
1570794093 Simulation of Three Phase PWM AC-AC Matrix Converter without the DC Link Testing with the Passive Loads and without Input ...
1570794108 Analysis and Design of a Class E Inverter Used in Wireless Charging Applications
1570794119 Design of a Current Source Half-bridge Inverter Used in WPT System
1570794170 Implementation of Half-Bridge Class D Voltage-Source Inverter for Domestic Medical Applications
PW6_OS: Power Distribution Systems (Onsite Rama5 Room)
1570789373 An adaptive control strategy for VSG with reduced size energy storage system
Distribution Systems Reconfiguration Using PSO based on Co-Simulation of PowerFactory and Python
Detection Measurement Equipment Fault in Power distribution Using Long Short-Term Memory on Automatic Meter Reading
The Application of Machine Learning for the Voltage and Reactive Power Control in Power Distribution Network
Fractional Order based on the Flower Pollination Algorithm PID controller for Community Microgrids
PW7_OS: Power Electronics III (Onsite Rama3 Room)
Analysis and Design of LCC-Type ZVS Resonant Converter Using State-Plane Diagram
A Fault-tolerant Technique using New SVM Switching States for Three-phase CHB Multilevel Inverters
1570795771 Adaptive Voltage Controller for Flux-weakening Operation in PMa-SynRM Drives
1570792807 Investigation of the Effects of Ion Diffusivity on the Ion Flow Field Simulation
1570794115 Condition for Maximum Efficiency of Three-Phase Induction Motors

Friday 27th May, 2022

PW8_OS: Solar Power and Energy (Onsite Rama3 Room)
1570793691 Analysis of Solar Cells Battery Charger with DC-DC Isolated Forward Resonant Reset Converter with Large Signal Technique for Linear Controller Design
1570795209 A Study on Performances of Flexible Power Control with Empirical Lithium-ion Battery Modeling in PV Power Systems
1570795664 Investigation of Effects of Solar Photovoltaic Penetration in an IEEE 13-bus Radial Low-Voltage Distribution Feeder System
1570795489 Hybrid Energy Storage System to Enhance Efficiency of Renewable Energy Usage
1570794166 Optimal Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading by Applying Blockchain to Islanded Microgrid Considering V2G