Session List - ITx

Wednesday 25th May, 2022

IT1_OL: Trading and Finance (Online Room#3)
1570791598 A Comparative Study of Misclassification Cost Assignment Strategies for Cost-sensitive AdaBoost in Imbalance Data Classification
1570793944 A Transformer Model for Stock Price Manipulation Detection in the Stock Exchange of Thailand
1570794182 Retail Management on Mobile Application using Product Classification
1570794155 Performance of a Loan Repayment Status Model Using Machine Learning
1570792280 Toward IoT and Data Analytics for The Chicken Welfare using RFID Technology
IT2_OL: Social Media (Online Room#3)
1570786523 Time-Sensitive Hashtag Frequency-Inverse Hashtag Ubiquity (THF-IHU) Algorithm for Hashtag Recommendation in Twitter
1570793591 DropQuest: Game-Based Learning for Chemistry
1570795064 A Non-Entity Approach for Intent-Based Classification: A Case Study of Thai News
1570795215 Collaborative Filtering Approach for Movie Recommendations
1570795224 Comparative Analysis for Predicting Football Match Outcomes based on Poisson Models
IT3_OL: Machine Learning and Big Data (Online Room#3)
1570786395 A Machine Learning-based Malicious Payload Detection and Classification Framework for New Web Attacks
1570793562 Variational Feature Selection with Convolutional Neural Network for Network Intrusion Classification
1570787474 Thai Tokenizer Invariant Classification Based on Bi-LSTM and DistilBERT Encoders
1570785707 A New Merging Numerous Small Files Approach for Hadoop Distributed File System
1570794189 Data Balancing Modification for Multinomial Logistic Regression Model

Thursday 26th May, 2022

IT4_OL: Forecasting, Analysis, and Recognition (Online Room#3)
1570786487 Using Variants of Conditional-Decoder VAE for Spatial-Temporal Precipitation Nowcasting in Thailand
1570790347 Weather Forecast Comparison Between ARIMA and Exponential Smoothing in the Cloud
1570793888 Data Standardization Analysis for Water Quality Parameters of Nursery Aquaculture
1570788639 Muscle Activation Analysis from Gait Kinematics and Reinforcement Learning
1570795345 A Deep Residual-based Model on Multi-Branch Aggregation for Stress and Emotion Recognition through Biosignals

Friday 27th May, 2022

IT5_OS: Information Technology (Onsite Rama4 Room)
1570793614 Improvement of Visitor Data Prediction for Colocated Museums
1570793798 Elliptic Curve Cryptography based Security on MQTT System for Smart Home Application
1570793941 An Analysis of Python Serialization towards Distributed Systems
1570794104 A Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Internet Cost in Satun Education Sandbox
1570795773 User-Centric Optimal Blockchain-based P2P Energy Trading using Mixed Integer Optimization