Session List - EMx

Wednesday 25th May, 2022

Thursday 26th May, 2022

EM1_OL: Antenna I (Online Room#1)
1570785582 Design and Fabrication of a microstrip 4x4 Butler Matrix Operating at 2.59 GHz for 5G Applications
1570785773 Design and Parametric Study of a Suspended Conformal Design and Parametric Study of a Suspended Conformal ...
1570793725 Dual-Band Spur-Rectangular Shape Monopole Antenna with Two Rectangular Tuning Stubs on Polyester Film for GSM/WLAN Application
1570794057 Metasurface-based Circularly Polarized Dual-Port MIMO Antenna for C-band Uplink Applications
1570794063 Design of Ultra-Wideband Inverted U-Shaped Slot Antenna with Reflector for GPR Applications


EM2_OL: Antenna II (Online Room#1)
1570794076 A Broadband Resonant Cavity Antenna Using Tapered Two-Identical-Layer Metamaterial
1570794161 Ultra Wideband Fabric MIMO Antenna for future 5G Applications
1570795190 Dual-Chip UHF RFID Tag Antenna for Distinction of Movement Directions
1570799669 Compact Planar Monopole Antenna with 5.5 GHz Band Notching
SP/EM_OS: Signal Processing, Electromagnetic, & Antenna (Onsite Rama4 Room)
1570795258 Study of Electromagnetic Absorber from Natural Rubber with Bamboo Charcoal
1570793419 Dualband Cross Bowtie Dipole for 5G Base Station Antenna
EM3_OL: Electromagnetic (Online Room#1)
1570794179 An Experimental Study of Effect of Dielectric Materials on Wireless Power Transmission at 6.78 MHz
1570794869 Electromagnetic Property Charactertization and Sensing of Endothelial Cells Growth Medium and Dulbecco's Phosphate Buffered Saline Solution for in vitro Cell Culture
1570794968 Dual-Band Band-Stop Filter for Chipless RFID Sensor in a Dielectric Constant Determination
1570795621 Optimization of Interdigital Capacitive Sensor for Cell Culture Plates

Friday 27th May, 2022