Session List - ELx

Wednesday 25th May, 2022

Thursday 26th May, 2022

EL1_OL: Electronics I (Online Room#2)
1570785644 CFOA-Based Floating Simulator Suitable for Realizing Frequency Dependent Negative Resistor
1570786655 Mixed-Mode Universal Filter Using Differential Difference Transconductance Amplifiers
1570792344 Organic Field-Effect Transistors and Logic Circuits Using Printed Polymer Dielectrics and MXene Inks
1570793956 A High-gain Low-voltage BiCMOS Voltage Differencing Gain Amplifier and Application
1570794801 Low Power High-Speed Rail-to-Rail CMOS Buffer Amplifier for Flat Panel Displays
EL1_OS: Electronics II (Onsite Rama4 Room)
1570790828 1.2 V Differential Difference Current Conveyor Using MIGD MOST Technique
1570791810 A Four-Scroll Chaotic Generator based on Two Nonlinear Functions
1570795032 Grounded Series/Parallel RL/RC Immittance Simulations with a Single VDTA
1570793877 A Performance Optimization of Quantum Computing Simulation using FPGA
1570793900 Bonding Wire Interconnects between MMIC for 5-GHz Intra/Inter-Chip Communications

Friday 27th May, 2022

EL3_OL: Electronics III (Online Room#1)
1570794140 A new Grounded Memristor Emulator using DVCC and OTA
1570794976 Resistorless Phase Shifter Realization with a Single VDGA
1570795010 A Logarithmic Level-Crossing ADC with Fixed Comparison Window
1570795227 Grounded Memristor Emulator Using Single Active Block