Session List - CTx

Wednesday 25th May, 2022

Thursday 26th May, 2022

CT1_OS: Control, Measurement, and Robotic I (Onsite Rama3 Room)
1570785587 Improving Relocalization in Visual SLAM by using Object Detection
1570785608 Design of a Respiration Imitator for a Breathable Soft Robot
1570789766 Comparison between Regressive and Classifying Neural Networks for PID Controlled Path-Following
1570793948 Kinetics Analysis of a Flapping Wing UAV based on the Four Bar Linkages Mechanism
1570795373 Development of EV battery swapping station using automated vision system
CT2_OS: Control, Measurement, and Robotic II (Onsite Rama3 Room)
1570786232 Diffusion Affine Projection Sign Least Mean Fourth Algorithm for Distributed Estimation
1570785609 Investigate GPS Signal Loss Handling Strategies for a Low Cost Multi-GPS system based Kalman Filter
1570793969 6D Valves Pose Estimation based on YOLACT and DenseFusion for the Offshore Robot Application
1570794190 Design and Implementation of Task Synchronization Method in BLE Mesh Network for Educational Robot
1570795508 Model-Based and Model-Free of Torque and Speed Controls for PMa-SynRM Drive System
CT3_OL: Robotic (Online Room#5)
1570793679 The Effect of Signal Interval from sEMG sensors Combined with Mechanical Sensors on the Classification of Walking Patterns and Posture Activities
1570794074 360 Degrees Object Detection Using Multiple ToF Sensors for Educational Robot
1570794082 Embodiment of Interaction Design for a Compliant Social Robot
1570794086 Prototype of a Wheel Type Snake Type Robot for Miniaturization
1570795510 Study on Deep Reinforcement Learning for Mobile Robots Flocking Control in Certainly Situations

Friday 27th May, 2022

CT4_OL: Advance in Control Engineering and Applications (Online Room#5)
1570785579 Real-time and online post-processing kinematic positioning services
1570786828 Evaluating the accuracy of web-based maps within the online positioning services
1570794165 Gaussian Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm with Learning Automata-Adaptive Attractor and Local Search
1570794330 Principal Component Analysis-based Customizable Feature Selection Algorithm
1570794880 Optimal Dispatch of Cogeneration with Thermal and Battery Energy Storage for BEMS Subject to Load Demand Uncertainty