Session List - CMx

Wednesday 25th May, 2022

Thursday 26th May, 2022

CM1_OS: Coding and Modulation (Onsite Rama4 Room)
1570793363 Performance Evaluation of the Block Truncation Image Coding with BCH Codes under Noisy Channels
1570793431 Neural Network Prediction of Receiver Bias in Ionospheric Delay Computation
1570794175 A Multilayer-Perceptron based Method for Track Misregistration Mitigation in Dual-reader/Two-track Reading BPMR Systems
1570794191 3/5 Decoder and LLR Estimator-based Multilayer Perceptron for SRTR Bit-Patterned Media Recording
1570795765 Adaptive Modulation and Power Allocation in Green Cognitive Radio Networks
CM2_OL: 5G and Beyond (Online Room#3)
1570794145 Selection of Beamforming in 5G MIMO scenarios using Machine Learning approach
1570794145 Selection of Beamforming in 5G MIMO scenarios using Machine Learning approach
1570794734 A Compact Planar Microstrip Low Pass Filter with Improved Out-of-Band Rejection Utilizing Dumbbell-Shaped Defected Ground Structure
1570795493 A Deep Learning-Based Channel Estimation for High-Speed Train Environments
1570795298 The eNodeB Selection Using Channel Outcome with Machine Learning in Dense 5G Networks
CM3_OL: Communication (Online Room#3)
1570794186 Multilayer Perceptron-based Detector for a Coded Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording
1570794692 Soft-Decision Algorithm of a Rate-5/6 2D Modulation Code for SHTR in Staggered BPMR Systems
1570786573 Performance of SOA in 100GBase-LR4 Link
1570793548 An Experimental 4G Communication for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Thailand
1570785319 Development of Account Management System for Secure Wireless Authentication

Friday 27th May, 2022

CM4_OL: University and Industry Research in Digital Technology (Online Room#3)
1570794244 Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (MIP) NFC sensors for pesticide detection
1570796906 Precise Integrated Contactless Attendance Tracking, Recording and Analyzing System
1570794233 Designing Village Idea Lab as Digital-based Incubator of Ideas and Innovation in Efforts to Establish New Entrepreneurs on Village Youth in East Java